Construction SEO: Learn How To Do It The Proper Way

construction seo

One of the problems encountered by construction companies when it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the lack of content. Your construction company’s website may contain all the projects that you have successfully completed before, but it isn’t enough when it comes to SEO. If your page contains less than 400 words, people will more likely view it as less valuable and informative.

As much as possible, avoid posting content with very few sentences. Remember, search engines aim to provide online users engaging and substantial information to people, so if you want to boost your rank, having at least 500-word articles on your page is highly recommended. Do not also post too lengthy content and make sure that your content is easy to read.

Remember that your customers are humans not search engines.

There are several, different industries that use SEO. However, some construction companies tend to forget that the construction SEO content is for their target audiences and not for search engines. They usually do keyword research and check the ranking of these keywords or keyword phrases. If you really want to draw the attention of people who may be searching for the services that your company provides, it is best to approach construction SEO as a human who is in search for something relevant to your business. Remember that you are optimizing your website and content for your potential customers and not for search engines.

Be reader-friendly and avoid jargons.

People use search engines to find what they are looking for. Try to avoid very specific terms or jargons about construction services that are less likely familiar to people who are looking for your services. They are more likely to search for common terms or names, thus, make your content reader-friendly because not all people who are looking for your services are experts in your field; majority are novices.

Take into consideration your location.

When you are trying to look for services, you also take into account the location of the company. If you are in need of drywall service, then you are more likely to type in the keyword “drywall” and include your location, so search engines will help you narrow down your options by providing you results that only involve companies within your area.

SEO for companies in the construction field is quite localized as compared with other industries. For example, an ecommerce website is less likely to concentrate on attracting customers in their own area because their business does not only depend on their target customers’ proximity, which is opposite to what most construction companies usually do.

Your content should include countries, cities, and regions that cover your service area. One great example is “We are one of the pioneers in roofing in Miami, Florida.” You may also try this “If you are looking for a reliable roofing company in San Francisco and the neighboring area, feel free to reach us for an estimate.” These are just some examples of so many helpful SEO contents that can definitely help you reach your target audiences, who may be looking for the services that yourcompany offers.